Dec 08, 2011 Comments

Aquavista Clock Aquarium

Have you ever wanted the serenity of a fish tank but the damn clock was in the way? Or have you always wanted a clock only to find the fish tank was taking up all the space? Well have no worries because Aquavista has introduced the Clock Aquarium. You can now have a timepiece that is also a decorative home for fish. The patent-pending sleek clock aquarium is a one of a kind conversation piece that combines the practicality of a clock with the serenity of an aquarium. (How many more times can I add the word clock and aquarium to this product discription?) The AquaClock is available as a wall hanging or tabletop clock model in different colors and styles and is constructed from shatter-proof acrylic and top quality clock movements.

Order one of these functional fish tanks - they both clock in at under $100.

Dec 07, 2011 Comments

Whiskey Stones

Whiskey Stones were designed by a single malt scotch lover named Andrew Hellman. This gentleman wanted the ability to chill his liquid goal without diluting them down. After much research, he came up with the idea of using natural soapstone to chill drinks due to its softness that wouldn't scratch the glass (or add additional flavors). These stones have the unique ability to retain temperature for extended periods of time, so all you have to do is keep them chilled. Add three to your next drink, let them stand for five minutes and they will keep a perfect sipping temperature of 50 degrees.

A handful of ice will take a drink to just under 40 degrees and will change the overall profile of the liquor. Temperatures in the high 30s are far too cold for good whiskey so keeping the bottle in the freezer or risking storage in the fridge are not an option. The Reasoning: the wood oils in the whiskey, which have leeched into the liquid from the carefully selected cask it was aged in and which carry all the flavor, tend to congeal and "close down" the flavor of the drink itself when the temperature goes below 50.

So as they say - Skip the ice; Serve your drinks on the rocks.

Protect your liquor investment by picking up the Whiskey Stones for $20.

Nov 26, 2011 Comments

Giant Stainless Steel Flask

Stop carrying around that sissy flask you picked up at Things Remembered when your wife / girlfriend / mistress stopped in to buy that... whatever else they sell in that store. A real man would carry around a real flask that held a real amount of liquid confidence - 64 OZ. It stands 12 inches tall with a width of 6 1/2 inches (that's what she said) and will make you the life of the party. Now in a real world application you probably can't sneak this into the local pub to keep that bill down. But you will be able to take this to tailgating events, the poolside and wherever else glass bottles aren't generally allowed.

Get your Giant Stainless Steel flask and be the life (or supply the life) of the party - $13.

Nov 23, 2011 Comments

24K Gold Atari 2600

Now this is a page out of Master P's playboy - a 24K Gold Atari 2600. So you have the ability to pick up the entire system for $6,00, joysticks can be purchased separate for $1,500 each and shipping only sets you back $500. What I see missing from the price sheet is how much it costs to gold plate all of the extra games you send in. They can't expect us to play regular games on a 24k system. The Gold Mine Project should also consider offering this service to some more modern system such as the PlayStation and Xbox. Then I wouldn't hesitate being a little more like Master P.

Pick up your 24K gold Atari 2600 for the measly sum of $7,000.

Nov 21, 2011 Comments

Jack Spade iPhone Stand

I don't think there is much to explain with this really cool Jack Spade iPhone stand. It sticks to the back of your phone, you can then angle the iPhone for optimal viewing and/or FaceTime angles. That's it. The Jack Spade iPhone stand is colorful and it also comes in green and pink. It's way aesthetically pleasing than propping it up against a bookshelf end or book... or rock. It's made in the USA.

The Jack Spade iPhone stand can be yours for just $7.

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