Nov 22, 2011 Comments

Classic Fit Rugged Twill Shirt

We love winter time because it's the only time you can wear these type of shirts in the city without looking like a hipster. Eddie Bauer has released their rugged twill shirt in a classic fit that would look great paired with jeans or chinos. It is made with premium cotton twill in heritage-inspired plaids, and garment washed for a comfortable, worn-in look from the first time you put it on. The classic fit rugged twill shirt is made in 8 different colors and carries the perfect weight for layering.

Pick up your Eddie Bauer Classic Fit Rugged Twill Shirt for just $40.

Nov 17, 2011 Comments

H&M Cardigan

Your grandpa wore one, both of your parents probably rocked it and even Mr. Rodgers (No, he was not a sniper – that is a false rumor) was able to make the cardigan look cool. Now it’s your turn to make the family tree proud and start wearing a cardigan this winter. If you’re unsure about the likeability of a cardigan then you shouldn’t go overboard and spend your full allowance. Look the way of H&M for a low cost cotton and polyester mixed piece with “imitation suede elbow patches” to get you started and keep you under budget.

This cardigan will look classic without breaking the bank - $35.

Nov 07, 2011 Comments

Real Vintage Pea Coats

Stop trying too hard by purchasing a pea coat that is "inspired" by the vintage (real) thing that kept our service men warm in the most harsh of conditions. Odds are the reproduction is going to cost you more and it'll be made of inferior material. You can purchase a true vintage pea coat from the Korean war, Vietnam War, WW I, WW II and coats issued during peace time for the average price of just $100. Some jackets will have standard issue buttons, officers buttons (silver) and the color of blue will vary depending on the time frame it was created. The best thing is you will be getting a jacket that was made by a time specific company that is no longer in existence - meaning none of your friends will be have the same gear. So get your Don Draper classic style on and save yourself a couple of dollars.

You can purchase a real vintage pea coat for the average price of just $100.

Nov 03, 2011 Comments

Camoweave Forester Coat

Camoweave Forester Coat is an Eddie Bauer piece that will keep you warm in dry (somewhat) in the winter conditions. Made of 11-oz wool, which is uncoated and untreated, the Camoweave Forester Coat has plaid pattern that is woven in to the coat as opposed to being printed. The yarn in 14 different colors is meticulously sewn in to make the camouflage pattern. It features a removable hood, quilted nylon lining, four front cargo pockets, and a dual-entry rear game pocket with snap closure. Now you can show up to the bar in style after a successful dove/quail hunt.

You can be protected by the Eddie Bauer Camoweave Forester Coat for $399.

Oct 17, 2011 Comments

Abercrombie Allen Brook Plaid Shirt

Plaid shirts are a great addition to the wardrobe as the weather gets cooler. They go with jeans, khakis or whatever else you plan to wear out. The Abercrombie Allen Brook Plaid Shirt is comfortable as hell wear with its soft suede cotton, it comes in a slim fit so you don't look like a mountain man and there are plenty of colors to choose from. As a style tip - It always looks classic when you pair a nice cutting plaid shirt with jeans, clean sneakers and a great watch.

Get over the Abercrombie name and pick up some Allen Brook Plaid shirts on sale for $55.

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