Oct 22, 2012 Comments

Fahrenheit By Christian Dior

As the weather continues to cool down it's time to choose the winter cologne. While most people tend to seek the newest cool guy on the market you shouldn't bypass this old classic. Introduced in 1988 (that's right - 1988) Fahrenheit By Christian Dior has such a complex masculine scent that must wear to experience it in full. Fahrenheit By Christian Dior is very urban, floral and rich. Generally speaking you will pick up warm sandalwood, spice, leather, smoke and many even say a pleasant gasoline (don't let this scare you) smell. Wear this and the ladies will, guaranteed, have a smile on their face!

You can score Fahrenheit By Christian Dior (1.7 OZ) for a mere $50.

May 03, 2012 Comments

Ray-Ban Flat Top Sunglasses

Everyone loves the classic look of Wayfarer sunglasses - but for the dude that has a really large head (that's what she said) you're in need of something with a larger frame. Look no further than the Ray Ban 4147 (Flat Top) Sunglasses. These 60mm beauties are a modernized Wayfarer with very clean lines that are made to stand out. Ray-Ban offers these sunglasses in a black and tortoise frame with either a gradient or polarized lens (in two different colors). You know what I like best about these Ray-Ban's? They aren't the standard issue piece every trendy kid in America wears.

You can score the polarized Ray-Ban Flat Top Sunglasses for just $123.

Jan 01, 2012 Comments

Jack Spade Matchbook Wallet

Hey, I'll be the first one to admit that I change the wallet I carry based on my outfit, the event and the type of mood I'm in. This is the perfect leather wallet to carry around when your doing the casual thing at a bar (or something like that). It features the matchbook design, six credit card slots and two pocket sleeves.

Shopping Tip: If you decide to purchase this wallet, or anything else from Jack Spade, sign up for their email list - they will send you a 15% coupon.

This unique wallet design is brought to you by Jack Spade and will set you back $145.

Dec 19, 2011 Comments

Mosley Tribes Merchant Sunglasses

It's tough to keep your eyes looking cool - but not when you own a pair of Mosley Tribes Merchant Sunglasses. This pair of sunglasses feature a lightweight Tortoise frame and sport mineral glass gradient lenses. Hardware, accent pieces and the logo are all highlighted in gold. These lenses are slightly over-sized so they will be more appropriate for the casual look.

Random Interesting Fact: Mosley Tribes launched in 2005 by Oliver Peoples’ founder and Creative Director Larry Leight.

Zappos offers Mosley Tribes Merchant sunglasses for about $155.

Dec 15, 2011 Comments

Dress Socks

Investing in quality garments will save you a vast amount of money over time. But is purchasing a pair of name brand socks for an absorbent really that smart of a purchase? After all - those funds can go into the real things people will notice (suits, jackets, pants, shoes). So look at your local Target and their very fashionable men's dress socks. These socks will come in an array of different styles and colors of which most can only be found in the local store (so don't bother with the website). Target will also rotate designs very regularly so make sure you check in on a very frequent basis. On average you will pick up a pair of socks for about 2-3 dollars. At this price point you could almost wear a brand new pair of socks every day...or just save money and invest in the important things.

Unfortunately you'll have to stop into your local target to see what styles, colors and variants they are currently carrying. Target is known to refresh their men's sock options quite frequently.

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