Sep 27, 2011 Comments

Native Shoes

Worn by the Presidents children and Hollywood stars alike, Native shoes are making a big splash on the shoe scene with their classic silhouettes, bold colors and environmentally friendly material. Native shoes are made from 100% EVA: this material molds to your feet, is antimicrobial, odor-resistant and extremely comfortable. Some people like to compare Native shoes to Crocs. Maybe we can see that, but Native shoes would be for people with style and taste.

You can purchase your pair of Native shoes for $45.

Sep 10, 2011 Comments

The 2011 Nike MAG

The Nike MAG was perhaps one of the most wanted shoes the Nike fan club never got their chance to get their hands on. It first appeared to our delight in the 1989 movie Back to the Future II by the young actor Michael J. Fox as the character of Marty McFly. Now many years later Michael J. Fox, The Michael J. Fox Foundation and Nike have teamed up to introduce the 2011 Nike MAG shoes to help raise money to find a cure for Parkinson’s disease.

The 2011 NIKE MAG shoe was designed to be a precise replica of the original from Back to the Future II. The aesthetic is an exact match, down to the contours of the upper, the glowing LED panel and the electroluminescent NIKE in the strap. The 2011 NIKE MAG illuminates with the pinch of the “ear” of the high top, glowing for five hours per charge. 1500 pairs of the 2011 NIKE MAG will be auctioned on eBay with all net proceeds going directly to The Michael J. Fox Foundation. Each day for the duration of the ten-day auction, one hundred and fifty pairs of the 2011 NIKE MAG shoes will be made available via eBay’s Fashion Vault. The auction started on September 8 and will end on September 18. You can find more information, view the entertaining videos or just admire the shoes in more detail at the 2011 Nike MAG website.

You can try to win your pair of the 2011 Nike MAG from eBay. Good Luck!

Sep 09, 2011 Comments

Tommy Hilfiger Penny Loafers

I'll be honest - There isn't really too much coming out from Tommy Hilfiger that has gotten me even remotely interested lately. Maybe it's also do to the fact that it reminds me of middle school when everyone had to have the jean with the stupid Tommy loop on the leg. Remember that? Memories aside, I think these loafers in "Navy" or "Bordeaux" are going to spice up the winter wardrobe with just enough touch of creativity.

Purchase the Tommy Hilfiger Leather Penny Loafer directly from their website: $188.

Sep 06, 2011 Comments

Clarks Desert Boots

The Clarks Desert Boots is an absolute necessity in any wardrobe. Clarks Desert Boots were inspired by crepe-soled boots worn by British officers in World War II. Crafted from natural materials with supreme comfort, its timeless styling has remained unchanged for over 60 years. You can find the Clarks Desert Boots in an array of colors and patterns - so pick up a couple of pairs.

You can find the Clarks Desert boot from various retailers for $110 but I would suggest picking them up from Amazon for a mere $82.

Aug 29, 2011 Comments

Puma TT Super CC Sneaker

Are you looking for that competitive edge when it comes to your weekly ping pong tournament? Perhaps you need that extra boost of traction for that intense beer pong extravaganza? Well look no further than the Puma TT Super CC Sneaker. This stylish shoe was designed in Germany in the mid 80's for professional table tennis pros and other indoor gamers. The Puma TT Super CC (say that out loud) features a combination of leather, fabric and suede for totally awesome design that will be greeted warmly into your sneaker rotation.

Pick these up at your local Nordstrom for about $65.

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