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Girlfriend Gift Guide

Is she your girlfriend, wife or perhaps just a mistress? Regardless of the type of relationship you have with her they all have one specific need: gifts. There isn’t a single thing you can do to make your life hell like forgetting that special occasion or even showing up with a gift in hand that totally misses the mark. On the flip side of that, having the right gift will ensure more pleasure than any body could possibly handle.

So without further delay here are the gifts (in no particular order) that will make her feel like a queen and get you treated like a king in bed.

Coco Mademoiselle Perfume by Chanel
The Coco Mademoiselle Perfume by Chanel is sexy, unique and sophisticated. This is a scent that can be worn in the day time while at the office or put on before a night out on the town. Chanel perfumes, and this one specifically, has a very soft scent that lasts all day without reapplication (so the bottles go a long way). And it’s one scent that you wont mind lingering on your sheets the next day. Pick up the Coco Mademoiselle Perfume from Nordstrom for $115.

Adorn iPhone Case by Petunia
I never thought I would see the day when purchasing a cellphone case was seen as a smart, romantic move – but the day has come. Since her cellphone is one of the most cherished accessories carried around on a daily basis you should spring for some unique designer protection. There are 7 different designs offered for the iPhone that all of her friends will be jealous of. While this gift may look simple and trivial to you – she will be thrilled you’re being supportive of her phone habbits. The great part is that these designer iPhone cases will only set you back $38.

Luxury Picnic Backpack
Taking her on a intimate picnic, putting the idea of you two alone in romantic place and showing your softer side is easily done by filling this luxury picnic backpack with her favorite foods. The canvas pack is already loaded up with melamine plates, goblets, flatware, napkins, Urban Kitchen bread knife, wooden cutting board, salt and pepper shakers and a sommelier’s corkscrew. It even has a detachable wine cooler (you guys can get tipsy) and sable-gray felt blanket (to have fun on). The luxury picnic backpack is only $90.

Sexy Vintage Apron
Talk about a win-win as far as gifts go. This hand-sewn black lace fashion apron is fully lined in satin, and adorned with a lovely satin sash. She will enjoy wearing the classy, yet sexy, outfit for you while you guys do a little housework together. I can guarantee you that not only will you get a good show but it will also put her in the mood for a little relaxation after the chores are done. Because the apron is hand sewn (and women love handmade unique delicate items) there is a 2 week lead time but the guaranteed win-win situation only comes in at $120.

Chandelier Earrings
Women can never have enough jewelry, this is a fact. So when adding to her collection make sure you step outside of the normal brick and mortar stores that her and her friends usually shop at. These chandelier earrings from Etsy will do the trick. They feature a hand carved rose in Mother of Pearl, made with crescent antiqued copper chandeliers and adorned with turquoise and cream glass from the Czech Republic (along with small stones of rich Tiger Eye). Hand patina brass charms in Verdigris (turquoise green) along with small oval antiqued copper charms dance about on the bottom. These can be purchased from the Etsy shop for $45.

Hidden Birds Set
Skip the slutty set of intimates this year, I’m sure you’ve given her enough and that’s just what she expects. Surprise her with a little elegance and she’ll know this gift was really about her – for her. Women buy lingerie because it’s comfortable wear for everyday and when it’s worn more than once (which can’t really be said for the stuff you usually get) she will always think of you. This Hidden Birds Set has a total cost of $92.

Paloma’s Venezia Goldoni Quadruplo Ring
The Paloma’s Venezia Goldoni Quadruplo ring has intricate designs that recall Venetian cast-iron window gates. Actually – who really cares what design this ring mimics? You should buy this ring for your significant other because its sterling silver, it can be formal or informal and it comes in a highly regarded blue Tiffany & Co. box. You could put a lump of coal in this box and she’ll think it’s an heirloom in the making. Just be warned that giving a ring as a gift could put the thought of an engagement ring to the front of her mind. The Tiffany & Co. ring, and little blue box, has a retail price of $250.

Personalized Illuminate Necklace
A little simplicity can go a long way. The Illuminate Necklace has a hand-drawn chandelier that is hand-stamped on a sterling silver oval. It is sweetened with a Swarovski crystal teardrop and strung from sterling chain. The best part of this necklace is that it can be personalized with a meaningful word, phrase or names. Take the extra step and make sure it’s personalized. Lisa Leonard Designs provides the Illuminate Necklace for $78.

Coach Madison Metallic Wristlet
A chic day-to-evening design in striking gunmetal metallic leather with understated touches of luxury: precise pleating, a bombé ridge and an elegant horse-and-carriage plaque. Women know it’s not an easy task to select this type of clothing accessory so she will defiantly appreciate the effort and thought. Plus Coach has a really easy return policy so you don’t have to worry about her being stuck with something she doesn’t like (but she’ll love this one). The Coach Wristlet is $118 and can be ordered online or picked up in stores.

Quilted Patchwork Robe
Everyone loves quilts. The ladies love robes. So now you can give her the ultimate gift of comfort with the quilted robe from Anthropologie. It’s the perfect weight to wear year-around and she’ll be hard-pressed to put on clothes in the morning. Anthropologie offers the quilted robe from their website at the reasonable price of $150.

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