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Girlfriend Gift Guide

Is she your girlfriend, wife or perhaps just a mistress? Regardless of the type of relationship you have with her they all have one specific need: gifts. There isn’t a single thing you can do to make your life hell like forgetting that special occasion or even showing up with a gift in hand that totally misses the mark. On the flip side of that, having the right gift will ensure more pleasure than any body could possibly handle.

So without further delay here are the gifts (in no particular order) that will make her feel like a queen and get you treated like a king in bed.

Coco Mademoiselle Perfume by Chanel The Coco Mademoiselle Perfume by Chanel is sexy, unique and sophisticated. This is a scent that can be worn in the day time while at the office or put on before a night out on the town. Chanel perfumes, and this one specifically, has a very soft scent that lasts all day without reapplication (so the bottles go a long way). And it's one scent that you wont mind lingering on your sheets the next day. Pick up the Coco Mademoiselle Perfume from Nordstrom for $115.

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Seiko Orange Monster

The Seiko Orange Monster, officially named the SKX781, has caused a bit of an uproar within the watch community since its release onto the public. In fact many watch collectors who regularly spend upwards of 4 figures for their pieces view this Seiko as one of the "must haves" to the collection. So what's all the fuss about the Seiko Orange Monster? Let's find out:

Internally the Orange Monster uses the 21 jewel 7S26 in-house automatic movement. This is the same movement that can commonly be found in all Seiko's under the $300 price range. It is far from anything spectacular but it is known as a workhorse that can take a daily beating and keep on ticking. After the initial break in period, said to be about 2 weeks of wear, the Seiko Orange Monster accuracy is +/- 10 seconds in a given day. The power reserve on this particular Seiko is about 24 hours.

As the name might suggest the stainless steel case on this watch is quite the "monster" on the wrist. At the largest point on the watch the diameter, including the crown, measures approximately 47mm. The unidirectional bezel, protected by bezel-guards, has 120 clicks per revolution and is easy to rotate under any condition. Luminosity is stellar because of the proprietary "lumibrite" paint that will allow you to see the markers on the watch from across the room. Under normal light you have a bright and extremely orange face that demands attention.

Bracelet end links are solid and the pins holding it together are extremely heavy-duty - all links are made from solid piece of steel. A high quality clasp has a fold over security buckle; the bracelet incorporates a hidden diver's extension (used when wearing a wet suit). This is one of the quietest bracelets that I have ever seen on a watch that is under $300.

Random coolness information: This is a unique watch for you to wear, and tell all your friends about, because it is not a standard Seiko of America inventory item. That means you are getting a watch from overseas that makes it a "grey market" item. It also means that unless you really know about this watch (or you hang out at a watch aficionado party) it is highly unlikely you'll see anyone close to you wearing it. Most of the time these type of watches will not carry papers or a warranty. However if you purchase it from Amazon directly (not the random sellers) you will get the box, papers and a 3 year warranty.

One of the best selling points on the Orange Monster is how versatile it is when it comes to customization. Aside from all the mods a watch maker or watch geek can do one of the standards is replacing the strap. You wouldn't believe how beautiful this watch is when paired when a brown or black leather strap. If you want to really go custom look in the direction of a Carbon Fiber strap that has orange stitching. You will not be sorry.

The Seiko Orange Monster can be yours for $190. Make it uniquely yours for an extra $50.

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Kathleen Edge

Kathleen Edge is the 27 year-old (born August 12,1984) Playboy model and personality that lives in Chicago, Illinois and has the official measurements of 32D-24-32. She has been featured in Playboy's Voluptious Vixens, Playboy's Lingerie, Playboy's Hot Housewives, Playboy's Nude, and Playboy's Girl with Girls Magazine. This former Army solider is also a former promotional model for HOOTERS OF AMERICA, and the current MISS HOOTERS Fairveiw Heights, Illinios. Sounds like she is staying quite busy showing off the goods.

On the stalker side of things I wasn't able to find a Twitter account or any personal Facebook activity. But don't fear, I was able to find a Facebook fan page (I know it's not the same) and her Model Mayhem account where you can enjoy some of her regular photo shoot pictures. As usual enjoy the photo gallery attached but as usual it is NSFW. Don't forget you can see the adult pictures, and these are really good, by going to the Playboy site directly (NSFW).

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iPad Camera Connection Kit

With the iPad Camera Connection Kit, it's incredibly easy to download photos and videos from your digital camera to your iPad so you can view them on the gorgeous iPad display and share them with family and friends. The kit includes two connectors, each with a different interface. The Camera Connector features a USB interface. Just plug it into the dock connector port on your iPad, then attach your digital camera or iPhone using a USB cable (iPhone 3G is not supported). Or you can use the SD Card Reader to import photos and videos directly from your camera's SD card. After you make the connection, your iPad automatically opens the Photos app, which lets you choose which photos and videos to import, then organizes them into albums. When you sync iPad of course everything will be brought into your photo library.

As an alternative use you can even use the USB adapter to connect USB headphones, keyboards, headsets and almost anything else that is USB driven. Photographers will be happy knowing that the EXIF information stays intact when you important the images back onto a computer.

The useful Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit can be purchased for the low price of $29.

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iPhone Phone Lenses

Have you joined the Instagram community to only say "I wish my iPhone had some better lenses to make me more friends"? Well so have we - and that is why we are excited to introduce to you the iPhone photo lens kit. This little kit gives you high-clarity glass (just like pro lenses) for your iPhone, allowing you to take crisp and clear shots every time. A detachable magnetic ring sticks to your cell, providing a sturdy, shake-free hold between the 3 different lenses and your phone. The Wide Angle/Macro Lens lets you cram more stuff into the frame, the Fisheye Lens gives you a cool curved indie bubble look and the Telephoto lens let's see you into your neighbors windows. You also don't have to worry about stuffing the kit into your pocket because they attach onto a keyring that many have turned into a necklace. Pretty sweet right?!

Become the professional iPhone photographer and the most awesomeness Instagram picturer taker for only $50.

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