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Magnetic Floating Lamps

Light Light has created a stunning lamp that employs the very latest LED and electromagnetic technology. Lighting output can be controlled, dimmed, to set the perfect mood with the touch of your finger. These lamps are hand made from top-quality durable components that will last a lifetime. The floating magnetic lamps are available in two models: 'Silhouette’ and 'Eclipse’. Check out the Light Light website to see the demo videos.

Purchase one of these slick magnetic floating lamps directly from Light Light - $1500.

Oct 25, 2011 Comments

Classic Hubcap Clocks

Looking for something cool to spruce up the garage or man cave? Then give these classic hubcap clocks a whirl. You can choose from many different makes, models, colors and sizes to ensure you get the perfect piece. You can even go as far as choosing an authentic hubcap (many collectors will cringe as this thought) or buying one that was made from a reproduction.

You can choose from hundreds of different hubcaps at this Etsy shop for $12 - $90.

Oct 24, 2011 Comments

Sphero Robotic Ball

Sphero is a robotic ball that can be controlled via Bluetooth through your iOS or Android based devices. You can control Sphero with just a tilt, tap or swipe. You can also customize your Sphero through a built in color app and built-in LED lights can create literally thousands of colors. What's most interesting about the Sphero is that it has an open API system meaning that any developer can create games and apps for Sphero in an open and free platform. So your Sphero experience will change with every new game that's created. Check out the videos from the Sphero website and see the little robotic ball in action.

Sphero will be available for sale in retail and online stores in late 2011 at an estimated retail price of $129.99.

Oct 23, 2011 Comments

Laura Michelle

Playboy's Laura Michelle seems to fall into that category of girls that thought becoming a Playboy model would be great and then quickly changes her mind. Well, that's the conclusion I come to anyway because I wasn't able to find out anything about her. In fact - I wasn't even able to find a poorly written Playboy bio about her. The only thing I can tell you is that her measurements are 5ft 8in, 125 lbs and 34B-24-34. Oh and her eyes are absolutely stunning but it may appear that she is just wearing colored contacts. Either way enjoy the pictures posted below and know that you can see her goodies up close in the Playboy archives (NSFW). (more…)
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Hot Teacher Sex Scandals

Students in our school system are pursued, groped, seduced and raped by some of the most trusted people in their life – teachers. There are about 3 million teachers in the public school system and according to an AP investigation 2,570 educators’ credentials were revoked, denied, surrendered or sanctioned following allegations of sexual misconduct (2001-2005).

Now what’s most interesting about the situation is the severe double standard in the sentencing in male offenders in comparison to their female counterparts. As you will read in some of the summaries I post in this article a lot of them receive probation, light fines and/or removal of their teaching licenses. While there are numerous articles posted online about these specific statistics and the mentalities of the case/laws involved I am not going to post any of them here. If you are really interested just do a quick Google search and be prepared for hours of reading.

On a personal note I think that the cases I am showcasing (generally speaking) have some really, really, hot teachers involved. And maybe the people bringing the case or enforcing the laws realize that this situation is a fantasy come true for most young men once they hit puberty. Hell – I can’t think of one guy I know that didn’t want their super-hot teacher to give them a little “special attention” after class.

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