Aug 31, 2011 Comments

Magnetic Switch Cover

Dear Jesus (with giant eagles wings, and singin' lead vocals for Lynyrd Skynyrd) - thank you for allowing someone to create such an ingenious key holder. For when I stumble home in a drunken state I can now save 10 minutes of my time from trying to hang my keys on the damn key holder my grandmother hung in my house.

You can also customize your Magnetic Switch Cover for double or triple switches and color to make sure it matches your decor (this is especially important for all the married people out there).

You can pick up the Magnetic Light Switch Cover from The Fancy Store for $25.

Aug 30, 2011 Comments

Filson Medium Duffle Bag

Are you tired of all the sissy looking duffle / weekender bags that could pass as your wife's luggage? Then look no further than the Filson Medium Duffle Bag. Filson is a brand that started in 1897 when it started supplying goods to people during the Gold Rush. These were goods that needed to last and products that were 100% functional.

Filson continues making the same products today with the same exact indestructible standards. This rugged, yet classically refined, duffle is made out of 22-oz 100% cotton oil finished Rugged Twill with 100% Genuine Bridle Leather. The beautiful thing is that the more you travel (and beat the duffle) the better it ends up looking. So buy the Filson Duffle and you'll never need another bag. Oh and you defiantly get to keep your man card.

You can pick up the Filson Duffle Bag from a number of sources for a very reasonable $300.

Aug 29, 2011 Comments

Puma TT Super CC Sneaker

Are you looking for that competitive edge when it comes to your weekly ping pong tournament? Perhaps you need that extra boost of traction for that intense beer pong extravaganza? Well look no further than the Puma TT Super CC Sneaker. This stylish shoe was designed in Germany in the mid 80's for professional table tennis pros and other indoor gamers. The Puma TT Super CC (say that out loud) features a combination of leather, fabric and suede for totally awesome design that will be greeted warmly into your sneaker rotation.

Pick these up at your local Nordstrom for about $65.

Aug 28, 2011 Comments

Lacy Spice

Allow me to introduce you to the beautiful 22-year-old Miss Lacy Ann Spice. She was originally from New York but currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada and works as a web developer (everyone loves the nerdy girl). Lacy Spice recently won the Playboy Club’s “Miss Playboy Club” model search making her the winner for March 2011.

You can find more pictures and videos of Lacy Ann Spice through Playboy’s Fresh Faces website (NSFW). And if you really want to “connect” with her you can even hit her up on Twitter, but her stream is rather boring.

Click the "more..." to see some additional pictures of the hot Lacy Spice. But be warned, some offices around the country might not enjoy you pulling them up so I am labeling them NSFW.

Aug 27, 2011 Comments

Raen Optics Lomis Sunglasses

Allow me to introduce you to a stylish boutique eye firm based out of California called RAEN Optics. This boutique eye wear company will provide you with timeless items that function for the active lifestyle. Each frame produced is handmade with select European acetates and hardware that is not common at these budget friendly prices.

Browse their website for a number of timeless designs that you'll absolutely fall in love with (and your fashion budget will too).

These can be found for around $100.

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