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Ernest Alexander Wax Rucksack

Rugged but refined - this Hunter rucksack is made from charcoal wax twill canvas. It has adjustable leather straps with pads for the ultimate in carrying comfort. The outside has 2 side pockets with leather & mag tab closures along with 2 side zipper pockets. Carrying items on the inside will be a breeze with 2 large interior face slip pockets and 2 interior zipper storage pockets. Of course, being a backpack, it has a main pocket for carrying the trusty laptop, change of clothes or whatever else the rugged city-slicker will need. Everything is secured with nickel plated brass riveting and buckles.

Ernest Alexander Statement: Our feeling is a garment should be built to last a lifetime. We craft each of our pieces from the finest materials and pay specific attention to the small details, from our signature wax cottons, to contrasting linings, double stitching, zipper pulls and extra pocketing. We remain deeply committed to ethical manufacturing practices and produce all of our line here in the USA.

The Ernest Alexander Wax Rucksack can be yours for just under $500.

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BearPong Deluxe Kit

Have you ever wanted to take beer pong to the next level? Or at least increase the size of the game pieces? BEARPONG has taken our beloved beer pong game and made a larger portable version that can be played on any type of surface. The BEARPONG Buckets and BEARPONG Balls are especially engineered to be used together and the weight ratio closely resembles that of a partially filled 16oz. cup and a ping pong ball. Now there is finally a reason to stop lugging bulky cornhole and bean bag toss games around.

Pick up the BearPong Deluxe Kit for $70.

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Swivel Cognac Glass

We're a big fan of having the proper glasses to serve spirits in. So we got kind of excited when we spotted the Norman Copenhagen Cognac glass set. Expressly designed to take into consideration bouquet, temperature and volume, the glass highlights the rich color and movement of cognac. But what really got our blood pumping about these was the idea that you could use them as a serving dish while entertaining guests. Using these to serve an appetizer or desert will ensure an everlasting memory for your guests.

Pick up a pair of multi-function Cognac Glasses for $55.

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Mosley Tribes Merchant Sunglasses

It's tough to keep your eyes looking cool - but not when you own a pair of Mosley Tribes Merchant Sunglasses. This pair of sunglasses feature a lightweight Tortoise frame and sport mineral glass gradient lenses. Hardware, accent pieces and the logo are all highlighted in gold. These lenses are slightly over-sized so they will be more appropriate for the casual look.

Random Interesting Fact: Mosley Tribes launched in 2005 by Oliver Peoples’ founder and Creative Director Larry Leight.

Zappos offers Mosley Tribes Merchant sunglasses for about $155.

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Women In Body Paint

If you have been to any fair, carnival or sporting event you have probably seen the most used form of body painting – face paint. Face painting dates back centuries where it was used for either camouflage while hunting, religious reasons or marking military units and membership.

Body painting comes from ancient tribal cultures who originally painted with clay and naturally found pigments for ceremonious acts. This original ancient art form still survives today amongst the indigenous people of Australia, the Pacific Island and parts of Africa.

Mehndi is used in India and the Middle east using dyes made from henna - generally used on brides for their wedding ceremony. Annatto, wet charcoal or huito is used to decorate the faces and body on the indigenous people of South America

From these ancient tribal forms and through different cultural variations no one has done it better than the Western society. Starting in the 1960’s with the liberalization of social norms regarding nudity women have been able to wear body paint with pride. It has been made popular with countless spreads from Playboy, Maxim, Sports Illustrated and just about any other magazine publication that is still around today.

Just imagine a time when women will be able to suit up in body paint to do her local grocery shopping, attend barbecues and whatever other activity they see fit. Of course we will have to come up with some type of regulatory board that gives the “Okay” on a case-by-case basis. We don’t want just any female to be able to do this. Men will also need the introduction of designer Super Soaker’s. Hell, we still have standards and need to accessorize correctly. Right?

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