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Initiate Skin Contact

You can be on the first romantic date or perhaps she was just spotted her across the busy bar but eventually you’re going to have to make that first step to initiate skin contact. Your first touch could send jolts of electricity running down her spine, if done correctly, or doing it incorrectly could seal your fate as the creepy guy she never wants to remember. So know that all these steps require good timing, a sense of how you two are mingling and a little bit of gracefulness. If all goes well – it won’t be the last touch you two share.

In this world, to touch another is to express love; there is no idea apart from feeling, and no feeling which does not ring through our bodies and our souls at once.

Cold Hands
Cheesy? Maybe. If you see her rubbing her hands or know they are getting cold from holding a drink then reach out and warm her up. Pulling it off with the perfect smile and flowing conversation she will see you as a warm caring person that she can trust. It also doesn’t hurt to have an extra pair of gloves in your jacket that you can offer her (Thank you dollar store!).

Take Her Somewhere
If you two are in a congested or loud area of a bar don’t be afraid to reach out and navigate her to a more secluded area to continue the conversation. Moving to a new area will not only initiate contact but it will also show how much you value what she has to say and that your attention is strictly on her.

Whisper Something In Her Ear
If you can’t find a secluded area to continue the conversation then don’t be afraid to lean in, place your hand on the opposite shoulder for balance, and whisper / talk directly into her ear. This move is one of my favorites because being extra close to her kicks in the pheromones.

Brush Your Hand Against Hers
Maybe your sitting next to her or just walking by casually in the same direction as her but let your hand brush against hers. You can use this as an opening to begin conversation or as a feeler to see how she reacts.

Gently Guide Her
Is there something you want her to see? Does the waitress need to get by with her tray? Are you walking through a door at the same time? Either way you can use this type of opportunity to step aside, place your hand gently on her back and guide her in the right direction.

I don’t think this needs much explanation because dancing today looks like two rabbits trying to dry hump. So get over the fact you can’t dance and try to have some fun with her on the floor – touching is bound to happen.

Offer Her A Goodbye Hug
At the end of the night when it’s time to say good bye, if all went well, move forward and give her the good bye hug. This will allow you to really gauge her interest, the pheromones will help your game and she will see you as someone that is caring and sincere.

These are just some of my moves to initiating skin contact and it’s your job to feel out what kind of vibe you two are generating. So with that I wish you good luck and happy hunting!

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