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Signs You Might Be Dating A Stripper

Have you just started dating the beautiful girl you met at the grocery store the other month? Everything seems to be going well with the conversation, the flirting; she even drinks beers and watches sports with you. But there is something that makes the spider senses on the back of your neck tingle. And this good girl who discusses decorating and volunteer work, which she never gets around to doing, really makes the senses go into hyper drive as soon as you two hit the bedroom.

A sexually hyperactive woman is nothing to be too worried about – in fact that is everything we are looking for in a bedmate. It’s when the moves she pulls in bed are reminiscent of the bachelor party you once attended or she is constantly working late and always seems to have wads of cash on her. You then have to be asking yourself “Am I dating a stripper?” and that might just be the case. Here are some signs you can look for to help make that decision. After all dating a stripper can be fun but everyone knows its more headaches than it’s worth.

She Owns A Stripper Pole
Be careful with this one because many women have taken up the stripper pole in the house as a form of fitness and toning. The dead giveaway is when she can perform acrobatic moves that the Cirque du Soleil would be jealous of.

“Women’s” Touch With Decorating
When she wants to help decorate your place she runs to the local adult shop to pick out from their wide selection of paintings. She also suggests that you put under cabinet lighting to make the kitchen more “classy” using neon bulbs that change color.

She Likes Girls A Little Too Much
Sure, girls can flirt with other girls and no one will even blink an eye. But this girl happens to have a “drunk make-out session” every time you go to the bar and doesn’t mind you flirting with the extremely hot (bleach blond) friends that always have to tag along.

Lotions & Smells
She has over 50 bottles of different body lotions and every single one of them has a high amount of shimmer in them. Not to mention all of the lotions, along with her perfumes, somehow have that baby lotion, sex, distinct smell that never seems to wash off the sheets and pillow.

Skimpy Closets Galore
If your girlfriend has the ability to treat you to a new lingerie outfit every time you guys hit the sack – then these are probably her “work uniforms”. The real tip-off off is when the lingerie has a matching garter belt and a closet full of clear 6-inch shoes that match.

Goes By Different Names
Most of her “really close” friends, most of which seem to be guys she runs into at the bar, always call her a different name. If these names partially include a car (Mercedes, Porsche), something you can eat (Cupcake, Candy, Cherry) or a specific color (Violet, Lavender, Amber, Oyster) then you have discovered one of her stage names.

A Fan Page Is In Existence
Using the great Googleizer search engine you stumble upon a Facebook / Myspace (the preference of strippers) for a local club that features blurry pictures of a girl that closely resembles your new girlfriend. Or, even worse (or better?), you find a fan page specifically showing off your girl in every position possible.

Use your best judgment when you use these tell tail signs when trying to figure out if she’s a stripper. Maybe you just have a really freaky chick that only shares the goods with you. In that case – give it a go for a short while but remember that she will never be the girl you take home to mom.

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